Deadman House

Here they come!
Down the hill.
You’d better hide
—they’ll catch you still!

You’d better race,
You’d better run;
But there’s no escaping,
When the Deadmen come.

Deadman House is a paranormal-fantasy blog series, focusing on the very odd, very mysterious, very unwanted, and most prestigious (if you’re in the right circles, that is), Deadman and Black Family.

Deadman and Black, who reside on the tippy-top of Roland Hill, in the old Victorian manor, misshapen and bleak, where the locals don’t go and the folk tell tall-tales of. Where the roses have minds of their own and where the howls come from. Mr. Deadman, and Mrs. Black, and all their troubled children, are witches. Or so it is rumored. Some say they’re vampires, others suggest escaped felons. Other townspeople simply refer to them as freaks, pariahs, and not the sort to invite to a party. The elders speak warnings, the kids sing songs, but mostly what is advised is to simply avoid them. If you can.

The sun’s gone down,
So lock up tight!
Close all the windows,
Keep on the lights!

When the wind blows cold,
And the shutters pound;
Best be inside,
When the Deadmen
Come around.

Who are they? A family, some would say, though only to be polite. What are they? Another question, and one that has been given many fantastical answers, though at the end of a day, a shrug of the shoulder, and a moving of the conversation suffices. It’s not good talk.

For you see, nobody really talks about the Deadman’s House, if it can be help. Though ‘Deadman’, just a surname it may be…

That’s not, exactly, how the house got its title.

Hear that?
There at your window
—A scratch-scratch-scratch!

Hear that howl?
It’s the Deadmen’s pet:
Comin’ fast for you.

I’ll only say this once, and I’ll deny ever have’n spoken of it; but, they say, that Mrs. Black puts the bodies in the garden—that’s what keeps the roses so red.

But, we don’t talk about it. It’s not good talk. Though I thoroughly hope you enjoy reading.

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