IMG_3857“I’ve always been a bit out there. As a kid, I was very much into poetry and reading—and adventuring. It was evident I was imaginative; even as a child my all-absorbing flights of fantasy were a little weird and downright unnerving to [my] many family members and friends. Why, when I was 15 years old, I was still running off into the woods by my house and all around my hometown, having fantastic battles and adventures, fighting off the Black Armies of Dangoul in spectacular acts of magic, braving the Dead Lands and surviving The Trial of the Crossroads and hitching a ride on Baron Blackscrew’s whimsical flying apparatus, my companion Coonskin shouting obscenities the whole way up… [laughs]. Coonskin had some absurd problems with heights that I never really understood. Considering he was part cat, I would often turn to him and sneer, ‘Scared-y cat! Whatcha afraid of fallin’ for anyhow? Don’t cats always land on their feet?’ It was my favorite insult. Thinking back now maybe it was a tad predictable and overdone, but it was effective. And he hated it.”

– A. Marie, April 2012