The Adventures Of Kidd Oakley

In the Midmost, there are two worlds, you see. One is a land of metal and spire, where buildings scrape the sky and all the ground is paved. Where electric light is a constant, and darkness never comes. Where nothing grows and everything is dead, but wealth and prosperity reign. This is the land called City, and it is a world of massiveness and iron. But, the City is not where our story starts. Our story starts in the other world.

Our story starts in the Wildwood.

The Wildwood. Realm of the Green Man. Land of the Hidden Folk. The Dark Place. The Deep Dene. This land, the Wildwood, is a place of forest and danger, star and night, a world full of beasts and mystery and magic. The people of the City, the Citizens, have walled themselves from the Wildwood. Upon the Great Wall, the Titans sit, ever watchful of the trees. No Citizen in her or his right mind enters the Wildwood. No one goes there, except in needs of travel. Except when someone slips out, never to be seen again…

But there are people in the Wildwood. Though, perhaps people is misleading.

Deep in the forest, beneath the trees, in the tangle of hungry life and peril and adventure and green, there are the Wild Ones. Bandits. Brigands. Outlaws. Thieves. But they are known mostly to the Citizens as the Kids.

Younglings without mothers and fathers who ran from the City, and ran into the Wildwood. It is said they do not age. It is said they can change shape, into animals and creatures that have no name. And it is said that they are ruled by a scoundrel, a trickster, a feral youth who goes by the name of Kidd Oakley. They say the Kidd can wield a sword. They say the Kidd can fly. The say the Kidd can communicate with the trees, tame the wolves and lions, control the winds; they say the Kidd is a flirt, and will steal away your daughters and sons. All know of the Kidd. All fear the Kidd. All tell tales of the Kidd.

Tales of adventure.
Tales of magic.
Tales of rapscallions and romance.

These are the tales of Kidd Oakley, Boss of the Wildwood, Leader of the Bramble Band.

This is a web series in the making – please be patient with me!