The Trinity

The Ashes Alexandrov Trinity is a web series consisting of three books differentiated by three classic personae: Lady Ashes (The Mystic), Apprentice Alex (The Intellectual) and the Outcast, Rov (The Usurper). The creation of the Three was inspired by an old childhood pen name of mine. (Go easy, I was too young to know any better.)

Ashes Alexandrov

Ashes, Alex, and Rov (You’re all smart folks I’m sure you get the picture)

“In the winds I feel this twinge. I feel so weightless, and my curiosity is such that I seem to have lost all grounding as I bite my lip (and the bullet) and make a mad dash for the open window, my recent contraption squeaking and squawking wildly so ready to fly! For a brief moment before the jump I suddenly have this thought, what if this doesn’t work!? My tiny splattered body upon the pavement admittedly should have been something I considered.  But it’s too late – I’m at, OUT the window! I feel a lurching drop for what feels like eternity, but it is gone now. I’m now looking over the Observatory Towers, paths and gardens. These mechanically wings have given way to their metal and man-made features, and they grow feathers and flap on their own so perfectly as if they were real, gliding through these clouds that wisp along my face.’

“I have done it. I did it! I’m flying! And all my composer is now lost to childlike laughter and the awe of flying without a dream.”

– Alex

Like many of my works, the Web of Three is written as it comes, not how it chronologically follows. What can I say? I like a good puzzle. Now if you are new to my works and thought processes and are slight or even A LOT confused, don’t worry. You’ll soon catch on, and if this isn’t a subject or an idea that fancies you, move on. My haphazard form of writing isn’t everybody’s cup of tea (naturally).

There are many lights in which these characters can be titled and described. After all, we are all one person. To try to simplify us into three categories is unrealistic, and very much impossible. So don’t assume that the Outcast known as Rov, is always a plotting villain and the Lady of Ash (Ashes) is always a helpless victim. After all, she is a great illusionist.

“So many faces fall into the light. They wear masks of colors, of feathers, of skin and bones and petals and leaves. These visions and reflections merge, how am I to see? How am I to know? They take me to the water’s edge. They blend before me the sea and sky. From out their hands births the earth, and from out their mouths births fire. I am still, I am frightened. They tell me there is no fear. How am I to know? How am I to believe?’

“And then rises the fire from out my mouth, and a mask of lily grows ’round my face. I then follow them in waltz, and become part of this Masquerade.”

– Lady Ashes

As was previously talked about the books are split up by three personae (characters): Ashes, Alex, and Rov. These books are schism-ed apart only by the spontaneousness and individual posts in which they are created and sent out. Each character has their own story, their own narrative, and their own unique way of running things. So of course you may find one story or style more appealing then the others, and that’s just fine. Based on the personality each character emits, each tale has a certain flavor to it. (I’m talking different genres here, the goal is to have a little something for everyone.)

The first Volume is entitled The Water Lily Masquerade. It’s run by Ashes, the Dream Weaver. Here you will find most of the subject matters are in the realms of fantasy, romance, adventure, the obscure, and magic. She is the Mystic after all. In a lot of what she writes there is a sense of incompletion, even vagueness. That is because she believes in all the possibilities, both real and unreal. She is not bound to earthly laws. If your looking for a great way to escape and indulge yourself, I suggest following Ashes’ tale. Her world can be hard to understand, but it’s not about that. It’s about going with the flow.

The second Volume  is entitled The Owl Observatories. It’s under the jurisdiction of Apprentice Alexandra (Alex). When you are here, expect to find everything. Alex is a well known bookworm, and in being so well versed so is her knowledge and her works. She’s comedic and slightly on the cooky side. Here there is adventure, mischief, machinery, study, and of course (much like all the writings here) a dash of magic. All and all, her tales are fun and exciting.

The third Volume is none other than my favorite bad boy Rov, with his story entitled The Games of Shadows. Rov is the only male character in the Trinity, and of the Three he is also the darkest. This is the only character that may occasionally feature Adult Content, but I’m going to try to keep it on the down low. In Rov’s world (his dungeon, if you will) you’ll find a lot of horror, science fiction, erotica, cyberpunk, dark fantasy, and an all around more distorted feel than the other two. If you’re easily freaked out, you’ll probably avoid these posts.

“I set myself at the Cloaked One’s table, her feast of intoxicating smells and blush. Her seductress eyes do little for me, as the ring of my fair Anya’s finger holds firmly planted within my teeth. This Chamber fills with the Cloaked One’s succulent energy, between her breasts she pulls forth a broach that glows rich blood and mist. I grin my grin that she so fancies, and take Anya’s ring from between my lips and now hold it between my fingers. Upon the table I spin it like a coin, the Cloaked One’s eyes smolder with the sound of it’s humming light.’

“I feel not a tug as I depart on through the Black Ivy Gate. I feel nothing, the numbing cold of the winter night casting an icy gleam upon the road. I feel not a tug, I feel nothing. So much that I must repeat it.”

– Rov

Now naturally none of these books are set in stone. In other words, occasionally your going to find certain characters invading or crossing over into the other ones. There is a story here, not only each characters individual tales and how they came to be, but they often intertwine, bump into each other. Certain moments and events of one will somehow influence another. Or maybe not at all.  And you might not always know when one is present in another one’s domain. It’s complicated, it’s complex, at times a tad convoluted and it will rarely be spelled out for you. But all in all you should enjoy it, and go get wonderfully lost!

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