Wow! You’re visiting this site? This stuffs really old! Back when I was self-publishing and had no clue what I was doing, these abominations came out. You can find these short stories and (bad) manuscripts all over the internet, but here are a few links. Thank you for your curiosity and support. ♥


Shadows! Oscar Petey and the Duel of Knights!

Oscar Petey, a very normal boy, finds himself in a very strange predicament on his daily walk home from school. Two shadowy characters, ripe with insults, appear under fantastic circumstances. Who are these brawling brutes? Can Oscar Petey resolve this fervent rivalry?

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The Death Box

A young boy, living with his aunt and uncle, uncovers the secrets to a mysterious box, and unwittingly falls into the mysteries of life and death. Will he find the answers he’s looking for?

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the blessing (2)

The Blessing of the Hare Spirit: The Night Two Girls Caught the Dog Star

One night, sisters Madeline and Sarah summon a magical entity in the form of a rabbit, and together experience a magical adventure unlike anything before! What will they learn about themselves? Will they touch the stars? Find out in this lovely short story – less than a ten minute read!

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Wonderboat 5


Siblings Ameesha, Nargis, and Shammi are pushed out on a paddle boat into a land of adventure. By way of a magical pendant, the three will uncover a hidden kingdom in the heart of Lake Drummond, and discover the secret wonder living within themselves.

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A Chance Meeting in the Night

A Chance Meeting in the Night: Joy and the Devil

A meeting between a mysterious man and a devout woman leads to an intimate conversation about faith and doubt, life and death, on a cold Halloween night. Will the two strangers, within the walls of a cathedral, find pain or forgiveness?

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Earlier Work


The Red Robe – Collected Poems

A collection of 30 poems written between 2012-15, A. Marie Kaluza crystallizes the union of family, romance, and the inner world, challenging the perception of these things as separate pursuits and intertwines them in rhythmic prose and free verse. Full of slant rhyme and harmonic, Kaluza creates a world of wonder in the everyday, often veering into dark passages of self-meaning and internal discovery, and the uncertainty of desire. A rich collection, The Red Robe brings depth and feather-like feeling, while resting comfortably in the ambiguous arms of poetry.

Bare Bones (1)

Bare Bones – Collected Poems

In this simplistic volume, A. Marie Kaluza strips poetry and storytelling down to its most basic components. Using free verse and slant rhyme, Kaluza breaks apart the fundamentals of existing. A compilation that is stringent in polarity and uncertainty, light and dark, fire and water, faith and doubt, Kaluza pieces together an inspiring step-to-step journey about the challenges of navigating the murky nature of ourselves, our encounters with others and our memories, and what it means to be unsure and free in a constantly changing world.

Thanks for reading!