For Every Dream We Spoke Aloud (A Poem for Women)

We mustn’t do too much or too little,
Mustn’t slouch nor seem too proper.

Mustn’t be too loud,
Mustn’t be overheard,
Mustn’t whisper too softly,
For no ones likes a mouse.

We mustn’t laugh too often,
We mustn’t cry too frequently;
We mustn’t stand around like cattle – yet
Never should we speak out of turn!

We mustn’t do anything too well!
We mustn’t do anything too poorly.
We certainly mustn’t do nothing – we certainly
Shant recall a time when life was easy,
And to be a woman, was King.

But, to you,
Fair Maidens, Sweet Girls, and Black Swans,
You mustn’t stop dreaming.

You mustn’t stop retreating into your lands of milky suns,
Into your galas, into your adventures, into your forests of wild.
You mustn’t stop the magic,
(for if you do)
They surely will take that too.

And we mustn’t let them have it.

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