A Kiss

I kiss you.
You kiss me.

It starts soft, as morning light,
dusting golden diamonds that begin to
whiz and whine in dervish fashion.
Molecules whirr, something ignites,
rushing forward from out our touched mouths
and sending us crumbling together,
synergy singeing our neck hairs and tooth tips.
Locked we are louder, drowning
out all the passing world around us;
flowering in sparks of wires crossed and gone
feral and madcap whilst tunneling pigments splashed then!
like a pop, the moment stops,
and we are left lingering apart as two bookends,
some wondrous story having been set between us.

I look to you.
You look to me.
Four eyes are singing in delight and two lips,
are still caught in tingling.

© Copyright A. Marie Kaluza 2014

This poem is featured in The Red Robe – purchase it here today!

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