The Franklings

Inside my mouth
The little Franklings live
Taking tiny Truths
Drinking them up with flutes
And spouting fire to the wind

The little Franklings
They know their stuff
Sucking up know-how from magic cups
Faces flushed in drunken delightments
Franklings, falling over in such excitements!

These Franklings are a rambunctious lot
Squaring Dreamers with snippy cuts
Tripping Fancifuls into the dirt
Franklings care not who they hurt
Too quick of mind they are to err

Franklings! Franklings!
When will they stop!
They don’t know when to close up shop
For such clever things they are quite daft
Spilling over without thought of cap

Try as I may, I can not halt
The Franklings rolling, tumbling vaults
Into the sea of faces around
Franklings, always such embarrassment!
Running all conversations into the ground

Inside my mouth
The Franklings live
Little, tiny troublemakers
Annoying, riotous, harmony forsakers!
Frankness does boil and fizz from their small fingers

Making life a grand adventure

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