Simple Poem

do not begin
keep going
look ahead
then continue

never leave
just rebirth
what you hold
don’t let go

find something to cherish
keep cherishing
if some god is there
let them be

choose your words
then choose them again
say the dream
then accomplish it

what you remember once
remember forever
see yourself
see forever

one touch
one memory
touch a million
a million memories

don’t satisfy
keep asking
when learned
learn more

when left
be found
a lonely road
will find love

in silence
in listening

still laughing
laugh more
in tears
acceptance is not forgetting

defeat is knowledge
knowledge is success
everything changes
this is good

never replace
just gain
when gained

after the last door
go through another
will there be more?

take a step
then take another
you are you
you always will be

will soon be somewhere else
a long road
is only going to get longer

so get use to yourself
the only thing you won’t experience
is a finality

immortality is for everyone.

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