The Astral Road

Keep the Dante Dream in a pocket; let the hellish stone sink to depth, then turn, I say,

—look up to those stars!

See there, the Moon; carry the Moon within your hands.
Brace the Earth, dear spinning Gaia, upon your back.
Send winged Mercury forth to topple, to build, to lie.
Bleed the Sun into a thimble’s thimble,
cast out Saturn into the sea.

Let the Neptune God repent his sins, then dive, let
rain the cosmos throughout your eyes.
Balance Jupiter along the crescent verse
and hurtle Pluto through the glassy galaxy of
shakespearean want.
Step out, into the white white dark.

I’ll have you, to demolish your Venus Thunder.
Pacify your passion Mars bed.
Spread out in union, in vapor steeds of war,
and then, with the breath of unknowing,
Lead lively yourself down the well of uncharted dead,
now brightened.

Look back for a moment
—grieve tear, and memory.
Suck the Dog Star’s heaven from out it’s mouth;
then forget all you know.
In a moor like vision let your soul foresee,
and so leap,
like love into a horizon of fears.

You’ll hear my voice
within the black’s empty sound.

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