Girl/Girl Poems

To The Girl At The Bus Stop

A beautiful woman
A beautiful sight
A passing glance of a possible lover
Green is the color of envy
And I am envious of your lovely significant other
See my earth cave beneath my feet
As my eyes are forced to break from yours
Baritone beats can be heard within my chest
Your forbiddingly pink lips pass but thought remains

Know this
You are a beautiful woman
I just wish you were mine

I Want Someone Tall And Blonde

Your touch is disarming
The way only a woman can touch
I feel a comfort
A sense of eroticism, purity and wonder
A delicate being of such fire and tartaric wisdom
Should not be wasted upon one such as a man
Let my arms hold you
Let my hands caress
Let my lips be that which make you tremble
I am a lover as is he
…Don’t leave me.

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