Just A Thought

I had a thought

Just a thought

But all the world flew up
In a moment

My minor thought:
How many thoughts
Are here just now?

How many dreams fill the stratosphere
Fill in traffic
Spill through the void

Enough to spin the world ‘round?

Enough to enflame the sun?

Enough to pulse and stretch and flower all
The universe into continuum?

I had a thought

Just a thought

That my little moment of think
Flew to meet wizened orbs of floating
Tinkering philosophies and
Everyday epiphanies

That (I so thought) may move every atom
Every waterfall
Every supernova and comet careening
And every pair of feet

I had a thought

Just a thought

And then proceeded on my walk

Having felt I had just moved the world
In some miraculous, unseen way.

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