And Came Forth The Night


‘Twas Night invoked the majesty of terror,
To woe the blacken heart sway from sin.
And to each his own trial grind the toil that lay among
the shredding wasteland of those who would become;
That thieving, wailing of howling void.
The abyssal wreckage that staves such hungry blooms, and should
rejoin the joyless sunken damn,
would stretch forth the blood flame and scorch the hand;
thus acidic mortises reach as erecting, scathing, sanctorum grime.
An unclean tar that strokes the subtl’ty,
That one lives for light and the night remains foil’ty.
But should Night release, the scatter beam awry,
Should the beaming good break and leave us to die,
Rise we would into such a sky that could
wrought such lands and sputter life’ly rye;
That drink of mercurial poison sing,
From ‘orth the pusses moisten tongue.

O’ Night, speak from forth daggers and drive teeth
unto an unwilling calf, and chill the maker and curse him right!
—such blandish poise sickens the intellectual sight.
Be gone to life, and be gone to death,
Ride out in haggard stream and sail ousted to the gorge’ful beastie;
Lay down from whence the beetles grow,
Lend eye to the spiders that wheedle below;
Gnash the wing under serpent might,
Blacken the black and ebon the night!
No shadow let be, crush all the dances and meads,
Thirst rains and dry deserts, let no creature live,
‘Tis the time of darkness! none suffer unless suffer give.

On choker, be they choked; chortle and gurgle and bondage evoke.
Let the joker burst fire, an’ from lustrous breast birth lusty’al desire!
Should some bird fall unto the waste—reach from Thee oil!
And burn said bird into their place.
Let skeletons brand and bargain the souls, let the corpses
build and bring out the jackals the wolves! Leave no hope aflicker,
leave no man left dead. Dying forever and let the dying be unfed.

In spite all this no hell is now, for from hell cometh heaven,
No dusty religion is here all have faltered to truth.
Filtered in self let enlightenment come,
Let all who sought see what truth hast become;
They, since the lingerness of fate and the blushing of serene,
All before since had been gone, before they been giv’n such names.
Bleeding and bending in the claw-like fang,
Snapping and flagellating until cries fill the wane!
The Moon claims earth and she claims said under fist!
So suppressed was her majesty she now flies uncontrolled from abyss!
Pressing the sex of the one true first being,
She hast not a tear but a tearing of womb and depthless stinging;
Cold as the frost, Night, take forth the mallet,
Beat down the empires of masculine habit!

So crude the grin so crusting the sneer,
crisping blood as O’ Night! dig into thus begging sphere!
Should I have fallen upon knee, the loon’st have my head;
Night, Avenging Angel, be a creation of mankind’s feminine dread!
Now gone is the world and without Mother’s love,
Crippled the cock crows and beaten the spud.
Taken the children to demons they breed,
Amongst the grassless plains of unflinching coaling and greed.
Dig out of the muck cometh only more muck,
Rip down rot flesh cometh ‘orth more rot.
All compassion erased and all light, at last, forgot. Begot to maggot.

Scratch out my eyes, I bow before Dark God!
So godless is she, she doth send hatred to stars.
Breaking of teeth on the skin, hide, and bones.
Human and tree, they be but unknown.
Hath come our own reaping, thus majestic this wrath!
Cut down the ships body—slice through the mast!
Our journey now descended, may we cometh no farther,
Stunted be we; Mother orphaned thus and lead us to slaughter.
Quartered the home she now eats at her own young,
Helpless are we from what Night hast succumb.
Forced her did we her hatred and bloodthirst;
Bow before she we must! for no choice have we first.
Skin us she does and rapes us ‘til bled,
Cries and curses mean nothing! we have nothing but dread.
The Night hast come, the majesty of terror.
The Woman have vanquished all,
An’, in such conquering she turns to engorging favor:

Let lesson be nightmarishly sung to worlds far beyond;
Our decaying, fruitless cries,
had we naught given Mother such deserved love?

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