The Graveyard Poems



I am bones
That’s what I am
Clacking, popping, aching bones
That hold the world up

I am pale
Hidden from the light
Covered up as a gem
Exposed, I am frightening

I am bones
The last thing to die
When all the rest is swept away
I linger on

I am hard
Dexterous, pieced, so breakable
I am bones
So iconic, so unmistakable

I am bones
I represent the end
Clacking, hidden, lasting bones
That’s all I am.


The Dead Talk to Me

The Dead talk to me

I lay down over their bodies
And entangle with their limbs

They pound up to the roof
Of the earth and
Speak to me as though a friend

They say, Feel the sun
Take heed of the air
Grieve and joy and praise very much

And raze
And raze

Raze all the mind to emotion’s will

Cherish every laugh
Hold to every tear spent

When it’s over, and done at end
You’ll understand

That every drop of life
Was heaven sent

I lay over them
The Dead talk to me
Our pieces touch

Silence makes all of us free.

© All poetry copyright A. Marie Kaluza 2014

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