A Gun Or Rose?

To sum up any human being in a word, or ten, or a million for that matter, I think is unfair, and a gross underestimation of humankind. We seem to go about our lives either seeking complete understanding of ourselves or others. Our utmost indulgence is that of being the mind reader, the euphoric feeling of knowing you can’t be fooled, you can’t be tricked, and you can’t be understood by anyone other than yourself. But, really, how silly that is and what fun is it? For the only thing I truly would not mind questioning forever is none other then the mind itself. There’s a large possibility that if I were to find the magic key to my own embodiment, and away I went and opened that Pandora’s Box, I would be struck dead from the horrific boredom that actually lied there.

I am a believer in immortality, and the day I loose my sense of being lost is the day I’ll truly die. Come to think of it, I really don’t know if I care much about wisdom, but curiosity, now, that is a drink I never tire of! Because if I’m going to be stuck with myself forever, I might as well be interesting, and what’s more of a thrill then not knowing whether the gentlemen across the table will pull out a gun or a rose, and not knowing how you will react to either or neither.

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