Candle Poems


Thin Flame

Thin flame
You rain upwards

Psychedelically bodied
Royal purple at core

Winding quiet
Bulging at bottom

Yellow tyrant
You entrance

Defiling the air
Licking darkness

Icy heat
Peeling the chill

Thin flame
You have my favor

Cutting night
What a thrill

Red creature
You woo the senses

You burn
All the clutter away.


To My Candles

A pinprick surrounded
A lone soul powering

Forward with confidence
Your flickering is humbling
You are unrivaled
Are divine

Until the breath comes
You go out with the wind

To where you go
I surely do not know
Perhaps to a god unbeknownst

When gone
I must wait for the sun
To give me what you so willingly provided

Blaring candle
Your heat I can handle

But your departure is a disservice to dreams.

© All poetry copyright A. Marie Kaluza 2014

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