The Chase Is What Makes Me

When I wake in the morning, I’m simply stepping into a different dream.

I never stop wandering, I can’t stop wondering, and I’d never want too. I find looking into the distance is not just an act of imagining, but an act of compulsion. Something calls out there and I can’t help but answer. Something’s trying to get my attention; something is compelling me to dream. Something is wanting me to ask the questions. Something is longing for me to turn to those stars. Something is crying out, taunting me to journey deeper and higher, with more fire and curiosity then ever before.

This, is the only religion I believe.

I’ll never know why, and I accept that truth. I’ll never know who or what, but that is what compels me to never stop. I’m looking out there, into that distance. I don’t believe it is so distant; I think that is an illusion. Because that unknown to me, is right next to my feet. My goal is not to reach it, the goal is to try to catch it. Ha! The chase is what makes me!

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