My Dreams of the Unknown Affairs Next Door

A light or a flame?
They are not alike
One goes out
The other goes down

So, I think

When she felt her own touch
She longed for it to be another’s
She was a romantic?
Desperately trying to be

Turning the earth below the heavens
Dreams hardly ever formed into vivacious realities
She chose the dream over the man
His lips slightly parted
Hands tingling from the passed rush
Pain behind the eyes building like an avalanche

He: Why?

She: I don’t want to be alone.

He: You aren’t alone. I’m here.

She shrugs
Now that she had it
She never wanted to feel it again
In a moment a part of her dies

Anger brews within him
He leaves without his heart
A choked gasp escapes
In a moment a part of him dies

I love(d) her
I love(d) him
Metamorphose of their souls
Brings a taste of truth to me

Authentic as the daylight is
Uncertainty is temptation in its purist form

I look out the window
My eyes widen as I see the neighbor man leave

Never coming back.

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