Two Faces

Two faces look at each other.
One is leaking one is stone.
Both have teeth and blood,
And both are howling lone.

One has the snout of a hound,
The other be the stallion eye.
Both have bones set outside.
Both are without minds.

Each face is bent upward.
Each is looking to the sky.
One is longing for a truth,
The other aching for a lie.

Each ains a tail that whips.
Neither seems to notice time.
One is standing on an ember,
The other on the saturnine.

Each tail holds iron bangles,
That rattle with every swing;
Both have bodies lost in dark,
Both are slowly ascending.

The soil gives with a shudder,
The rivers void, the sea dives.
All the earth caves and sinks;
All the beings cry and writhe.

Yow high! they feel the rise;
To triangle they bend as one.
Touch of pates, each do roar!
Surging as rays; fire and fray,

Nigh the gate, they plunge.

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