Mother May I

Mother may I
Cut my face off with a razor wire
And throw it to the fire and

With fervor;
May I crack myself like a wafer?

Mother may I stop
To pretend it’s all alright;
May I string myself to the moon
And bloodlet myself into the night?

Mother have you got a dime?—
Sharp enough, that I may use to slit
My thigh.

Mother, before I go to bed
One last time,
May I have one more kiss? May I?

Mother may I
Lay down,
And drown myself in gasoline

—Mother may I please,
Have one final gobble
Of good dependable nicotine.

Have I got anything
To leave behind?

Mother, may I,
Please, just give a little
Itty-bitty cry?

Please tell me that,
It’s all gonna be alright.

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