Having A Care

I haven’t a care about breathing, sneezing, having a trip and tumble; these are all things I do naturally. Should I have a care for little mistakes? Or letting loose a surprise scream, or a moment of forgetfulness? No, for what is beyond control I shouldn’t have a care about. Inevitables will be dealt with when they come, fixed as they can be fixed, but never shall I give a worry.

However, care I shall about love, friends, companionship. Give a care I will towards being kind, giving hope, lending aid when needed. Care deeply I will at a lonely soul, a homeless heart, one who has had joy stolen by a careless act. Things I do, things that move by my conscious hand; such things I give a care. I will give good nurture what I can, and brace a rock should it be in my power. Prevent what grief and pain I shall—having a care about the ripple I send along every face I walk by; and should a straining blossom die from my mistreatment oh yes I shall have a care. Care for what I like to deem the important things I do.

But if I drop a glass, muck up a dress, face an embarrassment among strangers I’ll have a hearty laugh.

If the dishes don’t get done today, who gives a whit?

If a long embrace is what you need, let them sit there a day longer.

Care is what you need.

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