We Are Hope

We are worshiping hope and falling down.
We are bending towards each other to keep warm.
We are lifting one another, ripping ourselves apart.
We are wondering about gallows and lip-gloss and ice hockey.

We all are counting, obsessive-like.
We all believe until we don’t.
We all doubt until we don’t.
We all are dreaming every step of the way and whispering.
We all are uncertain, forever, and lying about it.

Loving each other is what we do best.
Holding hands and pressing lips together we were made for.
Thinking and crying and moaning is how we divine.
Seers are all of us, waiting for the stars.

We are opening and closing at the same time.
We are rising and plummeting at the same time.
We are creating and destroying at the same time.
We are wrong and we are right, always, at the same time.

Life is complicated.
We blossom gardens and factories in one breath and how


We are truly; the blue planet we are a raindrop in the sea.
Stretching wings, that’s what we are.
Entirely yearning creatures, reaching, imagining far.

We are sons and daughters.
We are hearts clamoring, willing to bleed for each other.
We are prayers.
We are storytellers.
We are movers.

Spinning wildly, beating heartily,
Someday we think, maybe, we will clutch a god,

And become all that we hope, and crave, and are dying for.


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