The Joy Of A Daydream

Downy dreams, popping open, spiraling down
into oysters that crack apart and give music;
collision opus, slaking desires that
phlegm inside,
sundering bodies like plasma strikes,
hallowing away as angels rising,
making choirs that split wombs, leaking inward
and absolving worries,
kissing anxieties to sleep, journeying weeping
eyes into joylight,
glimmering into pitch fright and slipping fears
back into crevasses that hold the dead;
unconscious and emotion wed,
becoming infants again and towering up
into wonder and bravery divine;
all the mystery of the dark touches down,
and so cuts the rind—
the nectar gushing as a fountain plume.
The heart thunders into full bloom;
it’s sublimely resting, and oh so beautifully lithe.

© Copyright A. Marie Kaluza 2015

This poem is featured in The Red Robe – buy it online today!

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