Update: This is the first update EVER!

Hullo there!

After having been posting on this blog regularly for over a year, serious changes have been popping up! Within the past few months the Larkspur Horne has gone ad-free, has a whole new look, and (I feel) has slowly been improving, and all n’ all expanding. This page started out as a dinky, fun side project I did to enjoy myself and keep writing, and to share my writing with an audience. To be honest, when I first started, I didn’t really expect anybody to visit my page! It was more for me and a place for my back-burner thoughts to spout. It has no social media and I did absolutely zero networking; however, over time, it started to grow. Just a little, like a bud. I started using wordpress more and more (if wordpress has taught me anything, it is that it is a good motivator and that there are A LOT of secreted, talented people out there!) and I started to realize I received much joy out of people reading and finding enjoyment or pleasure in my writing. Now, I’m compelling myself to put more effort into it, set on adding more content and more delightful, whimsical, magical stories for y’all. This is my first update (EVER!), and hopefully many more will follow. These updates will be posted on the front page and in the blog feed, so those of you receiving e-mails or notifications from my blog don’t have to stop by regularly to see what’s new. Those of you who visit only occasionally and have opted out of such updates won’t have to scroll through endless posts to find out what’s happening—the front page tells all. I’ve always been pro convenient and casual; I hope this appeals to both my regular readers and rare drop-ins.

Over the next couple months, I’ll gradually be adding book reviews, another fiction web series entitled Deadman House (my current web series, The Trinity, has been woefully lacking in updates—but not for much longer!), a store/link where you’ll be able to purchase my e-books, more about me, more magical things, and certainly more of the stuff that’s already here! I am the move-at-my-own-pace type, so if the webpage is a slight bit wonky lately it is just updates and revamps being put into motion. Be patient, everything will find its place in time.

Thank you to all my visitors and daily readers, for encouraging me to keep this small, hidden domain on the web going. Larkspur Horne may be tiny, but it has gathered a large place in my heart. Thank you.

– A. Marie    

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