Let me have a look at you.

A-ha! There! I see.
You are hurting because

Life is day
And you are darkness;

Now is land

And you are past sea.

You are hurting

All the wings have left you,
And you are bare feet;

Because you are rising vertical,
And the world is moving horizontally.

I understand:

You haven’t ever seen the moon.

You have been locked up in your room for too many nights.

You are a demon
In the light,

A contraband
In a suitcase;

You have a face but
The faces can’t seem to read it.

I see. Oh yes
—I understand.

You are wondrous

You have not found it quite yet.

Let me tell you,
That some of us don’t know where we are going,

Or even where we come from.

But all of you, I assure you,
It is a gift.

Change is good.
The journey—longer the better.

I read once that someone believes,
The most massive characters are seared with scars.

You are walking
And are tired;

But as you progress,
The horizon


And greatness

Only gets better with time.

It’s not a race.

And no one really knows.

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