The Hard Goodbye

You curl away;
An oyster in a shell.
Tight and
Slick, a rubber tire
Fed up with circling.
Done with the roads and rivers
And endless wanderings.
Balled up,
And suffocated in your body,
You don’t even

Attempting to arrest you
From your haven,
Is like trying to squeeze the moon
Out of the sky.

You are black as a elk’s eye,
Salty as a sea breeze,
Cold and soggy as limp

I smack you
Against a rock and

But you just bury,
Ever the deeper,
And say,

You don’t need me.

And the heart of me,


6 thoughts on “The Hard Goodbye

    • Loving someone and having them reject you is difficult, but, I tend to find loving someone and having them reject the idea that you love them is just as painful, and in some cases more so. I tried to capture that here.

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