The Man in the Attic

The Larkspur Horne

Carey crept into the attic closet on her hands and knees, pushing shoeboxes away and then disappearing into the hanging drapes of clothes and long winter coats, a little giggle escaping her lips. Situating herself, quietly her small hand snaked out and grabbed the door, pulling it closed. But a crack she left, to see out; she had to know when her brother was coming. A curiosity she couldn’t resist.

She could hear his loud counting, though faintly, unable to truly make out any words. When a silence hit, she knew him to be on the prowl. Jacob never announced when he was about to hunt; it was a trick he had learned, so Carey had adapted and became adept at finding good hiding places quickly. The pair were evenly matched, for the most part. Jacob was crafty but Carey was small and swift, a good maker of snap decisions…

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