Stag in the Nightlight

Stag in the nightlight,
Spirit of the corner of my bedroom, please,
Give room,
For the shadow,
For the shade; have some nightmare come
Then give
Chase, run it aground,
Beat it

Come. To my bedside.
Touch antler crown to my
I’ll kiss your head,
I’ll bring heart to your eye and
Fur; the conifer outside my window
Be witness
To our amity. Let the
Moon pass over us with world
Scooped away.

Through your nostrils
Breathe Roisín Dubh dreams.
Into me, weave
Tales of delight that I’ll remember
Long into years, long centuries,
Long longer than fears that you sweep
Under hoof.

Hush now. We sense.

Depart, sweetly, benignly,
As the soul body you are.
Wisp off, lion breast,
Strong hind,
Deer of the Rhineland go
Back, to
Whence you came


Give me one more moment,
Spare second of future-ness just
One swift moment,
To learn of your name.

Treat me kindly next night, and I’ll sing you another lullaby. Beneath starlight. Just the same.

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