All The Same

Let me have one last look at you
Before the world disrobes you.

Before they dress you again
In symbols and letters that have no meaning to you nor I.

Let me kiss you
At last, before the deal is struck.

Before all this becomes an album
Cracked and sealed in the attic, long gone.

I ask, no, I implore,
For you to make swift business of it.

Leave my house.
Flee my cavity.

Make the cut fast and readily for infection
I can not bear anything but the worst.

Let me hate, scold, be on fire
For a good many years so all of you burns.

Become slag. Become a dead thing rotting.
Make it all a terrible scar


Let me have one last look at you.
So I can mourn you just the same.

For a broken heart is a broken heart
Just the same.

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