Dream Eater

Thick fruit skin I’ll have my teeth
Plunge into you.

I’ll give you my tongue for an hour
If only you’d let me clutch you.

I’m wicked thing I promise,
But, I won’t remember you, so,

It’s a fair deal. What isn’t remembered
Never happened.

What isn’t recorded
Isn’t so.

Isn’t that how we all live now?
Dressing and undressing before cameras?

But, I’ll give you

A curtain to smother all the expectation
And revulsion, a fine mask

To lock in the impulsion and

I’ll keep
The door closed and lead you to a chamber

Without the highway,
With only trees.

With only sheets that are
Hot to the touch and if you are willing,

I’ll take you kindly, strip away
All your dreams.

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