Tell me you Love me

Tell me you love me, but,
Not with those words.

Tell me with
Sudden embraces, cheek touches,
Darling bundles of dandelions
Tied with string.

Tell me with
Washed dishes, a warm cup of joe,
Taking your shoes off on the mat,
A low bow with me laughing
—play with me. Silliness glows.

Tell me with curtains open at
My moment of waking;
I enter the room with the shine
Roaring in.

Tell me with
Taking the garbage out,
Clothes being folded,
Dances on the deck,
Fancy footwork when you know
You are in trouble;
Impress me.

Tell me you love me
Without those words.

Write me a love poem,
With discreet secrets,
Confessions, my waist as a
Demijohn neck and my eyes
Strange beings

Tell me you love me.
Use your heart.
Do not lie.

Tell me you love me

With a kiss,
Neath the palest of skies.

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