From Chalice, Drink

Serious the moonlight is
Of her company, as ornament of the sky she overtly
Bathes the trembling children
Embodies, the turbulent darkness, directly
Lifting the midpoint of night eyelid in
A tapering, and dying, and a rising
Her hands pulling and tugging the sea foam loom and dastardly
She strikes the gypsum, the feldspar
And should she
Cut the light
Should she trammel the living
Should she bear fruit and divinity
Should she bend mouth and swallow darkness
She be a fortress
Plainly, of crater and glass
Daunting the backs of every spine and
So loving, in her orbital weight
A shift of her silverlit teeth
Sends rivers in veins
On journeys
Sorting hearts to-and-fro
As Artemis
Laying arrows in fury and guide
As Diana
Banking up against the sheet with hounds
Roaring high
She thumbs the lips, and pours.

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