The Horror and the Honor (Bear in Mind)

Bear in mind
The tender skin of a turtle
The soft flesh of an orange
The salt and supple of an oyster
An old book in moisture
The susceptibility of ink
When left unsheltered and
Bear in mind
The magma in the rock
The force behind the dam
The teeth behind the maw
Pressure in a soda can
The sword within the sheath please do remember to
Bear in mind
Bear it in mind
When you go to break persons over your knees
When you opt to strip lovers down
When you reach to
Tug at loose strings
When you crack and pull at
Husks and shells
Bear in mind the heaven and honor
The horror and the hell
Of vulnerability
Bear in mind
Best bear it in mind
Lest you are still living, and not yet dead
Lest you are still advancing, journeying headlong despite your unnerving mortality.

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