A Little Bit of Everything

A little bit of love,
A little bit of courage,
A little bit of yearning,
A little bit of looking at the stars.

A little bit of
Not knowing, doubting,
Changing, a little bit of
Struggling; these things are good,
Uncertain as they are.

A little bit of
This and that,
Hither and thither, a little
Amount of caring and failing,
Whispering and wailing;
Little pieces of wisdom
Here and there.

We all go back
Then forward, we all go
Up and
Down. We all of us get
Tired, and lonely;
We all of us do not know
Where it is we will end up,
Nor how,

I believe,
These little bits of
Everything, shall surely guide us

A little bit of compassion,
A little bit of passions,
A little bit of giving,
A little bit of dying now and then,
Let us remember,
Let us remind each other;

We, none of us, are alone.

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