What Happens when a Body is Buried

“Beloved,” she said, “I’ll have you
Come down. I’ll have you stop
Upon this bank, and I’ll have you let me
Walk with you back to the Sea.”

My chin you
Cupped, my shawl you
Let fall, my eyes, they
Wept, and gentle, we both
Leapt, tumbling forms back
Into the Deep.

“Beloved,” I said, “I’ll have you know,
Never did I not dream. Not once did I
Go unknowingly. Never, My Sweet,
Did I let ghosts cover this body,
Depart from my front step.”

We plunge,
We lunge as currents, we
Sink and take our leave.

We fade, we vanish, we
Die in a way, as time forgets us,
As days and nights wheel and move.

“Beloved,” sometimes, the Wind does say,
“My body, is thin, my face, no more. But,
Oh Lovely, Oh Lovely, I have a Soul.
And how we shake mountains, how we
Bleed this earth, make tremble
This ground. Beloved, I am free,
A wildfire blazing, unending,
Light twisting high on the mound.”

Light twisting high on the mound.

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