Keep It All

Keep it, keep it all.
Cling to it as you would a raindrop
On a parched tongue.
I take nothing back,
What was given was given, that is that.
Should you feel your grasp
Slipping, fear not; it will stay,
For I have commanded it.
For I have woven what was woven,
And it shall warm you
As long as you choose to wear it.

We didn’t have enough time,
Yet that is alright.

We bent the trees to us and kissed their tops.
We lifted the ocean up and
Laid on her bed with the stars,
All things glowing hot.

So make room,
Another space for someone to occupy.
But what was given was given,
That is so.
What was granted was granted freely.

I loved you, please know.
Now, leave,
With your rucksack full and swinging.
I can not stand the sight of you.
I have other business, wounds
To lick and a garden to tend.

New faces to touch,
Old skies to watch flush,
Songs to pluck,
Bad poems to pen.

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