Everything, Moves

If something should happen you will overcome it.

Know that when you are told to be brave you are being asked to make a choice. Nothing will ever stop changing. That means you too. You will try to halt such things by connecting broad resemblances, and insist that truth is truth, like how a stone is a stone, and how a wing is a wing.

But truth is funny, in ways we cannot comprehend. I comprehended this when I died the first, the second, and the third time. I comprehended when I saw a swath of pigeons fly, a star fall, when my skin turned blue. This understanding that I do not understand.

I am reminded that I do not understand when a friend cracks like an egg and I cannot hold her yoke. I am reminded when a man dies in the street and his blood moves like vines over the tarmac. I am reminded when I share a room with a heroine-anorexic, and I remove my only scratchy cover from my vulnerable body, and drape it over her shivering bone form, but it brings her no comfort. I am reminded when a window shatters from a pebble, thrown by my own hand. I am reminded when I stand beneath a pine, and the wind savagely bends it, but it does not break.

It will not make sense why things break or do not break.

They’ll tell you kindness is lies, and that is when, most vehemently, you need be kind. Those same people will show kindness in the damnedest places, and then move on.

Everything keeps moving. Even when you are dead, and you think it over, things will keep moving. The beetles, the rot, the earth will shift and move, and all those you have touched and not touched will shift and move. Once you grasp a thing, it changes, and will keep changing, as sure as time does not wait.

You must not wait.

Becoming requires concentration, danger, fullness and remoteness. Becoming is iron lit aflame, beaten for days, and plunged into cold water and drowned. If you wish to do it right. If you wish to do it complete. If you wish to do it.

Know, that when you are told to be brave, you are being asked to make a choice.

I tell you now, with no small ferocity, with no shortage of anxiety for your heart and with no absence of fear for your well being and the safety of your body; I tell you, with no small need.

Be brave. Be brave.

Know that everything, moves.

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