Deliberations at my Window

Little things
Hold together, dear atoms cling to form matter,
To form

This hair of mine,
These hands,
This breast,
This heart,
This mind.

Several mountains I have climbed and have never fallen,
Yet stumbled I have on a lone, poorly placed pebble.

One sand grain increases the desert.
One raindrop grows the sea.

Take notice of small things:

If you long for the tree, you must make time to nurture the seed.
You must understand, that time is bigger than the hour.

Tomorrow may not exist today, but exist it shall.
You may not feel thirst this moment, this does not mean
You can never thirst.

Little things
Hold the world together.

One needle makes the pine.
One letter makes the word.
One kindness, helps cleanse the wound.
One feather makes the bird.

You take up space; be sure to take care to make room.

Room for love.
Room for courage.
Room for others.

Fires do not simply start. How does one burn the wick of a candle?

Something must give it light.
One lantern may lead one thousand souls, through the darkest night.

First appeared on Poet’s Corner June 14, 2016

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