Dare a Little Wounded Thing?

Deep in the river, deep in the stone, deep in the groove of bellies,
heartbreak sits and wonders alone.
Wondering of brutalities, wondering of darkness,
wondering of lightning strikes, hollow men, steepness high and looming.
Deep in the night, deep, down in the sward, descent into graves that sprout
daisies and weed, heartbreak sits, and asks its questions, asks aloud, asks
the sky and the earth and the candlelight, if dragons still wander,
if the gods have made laws
that shall rip the light down. Should it lift head? Should it budge toe?
Could it dream of a vast sea, a harbor cradling love and valiance, a harbor
holding off the maelstrom, that bends as a serpent along the shores of its seams—
but could it? Could it be so? Dare it go out
and look? Dare it be brave, and head out again to meet the world?

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