Women’s March 2017 (With Note)

We march, we march,
For freedom and for peace,
For men and women to throw their weapons down,
Link arms, stand strong,
Seize the Fat Cat’s faux-victory,
Shake the world,
Stop the world,
Pick up the wounded world,
Carry it to the sea,
Show it the horizon,
Truth & Liberty For All.


Note: It is estimated over 2.3 million women and men marched all over the USA and the world today in support for women’s rights and equality, and, it should be noted, (to my knowledge), gathered and acted without any vandalism,  violence, or criminality. Once again women prove their quality. It is a proud day for all peoples. Let us continue to stand strong. Let us not give up.

Do not give up. And we will win. Take care of each other, love and hope to you all.  

*Now estimates are at 4 million – incredible! 

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