Our Own God

Cool I am as I ascend the stairs,
Calm and draping my talons over the railing that slopes
Into your wide doe eyes, into your undone
Smile, into your chest that gapes with breath
Trying to start like a car engine staved by a northern cold;

You and I are bold, daring the male and female gods,
Drifting in and out, darkness and light,
Mere specters that we squeeze in our fists, we cut
One another with our refusals, denials, dreams the world
Cannot seem to kill, try as it might.

In storms and strolls we live, two birds refusing to lend
Any air or wind, fighting off the raucous crowds
That tell us to behave this way and that, quiet ourselves
And lie flat, so we may slip into the compartments
The rumpus world has crafted so lovingly for us;

We together in our own ways say to hell with it,
You and I pressed our four breasts together and kiss,
You and I turn up music designed for boy and girl lovers,
You and I have our disagreements, our laugher,
You and I, against the grain, I say,

I can think of nothing better, then swaying
As trees in a violent gale, with our gusto and grit,
Holding hands in public, brushing my weathered fingers
Against your cheek; how we stagger and climb,
Our own divinity, these nebulous arms of our shunned god.

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