Published in The Writing Garden, Issue Fourteen

I’ve been lucky enough to have my poem “Silver Weave” published in the Fourteenth Issue of The Writing GardenGo have a look and read it alongside over a dozen other wonderful poems. (Psst. Mine is the eighth one down, if you want to hop-skip to it.)

“Silver Weave” first appeared on this blog October 27, 2016. As always, thanks for being great readers. ♥

10 thoughts on “Published in The Writing Garden, Issue Fourteen

    • It’s my pleasure – I loved the collection! Thanks for all the work you put into the issue, Suzy. Feel free to contact me again. 🙂

      • I will certainly try to, I like to return to some of the previous writers if I can. Difficult to do that with all of them, as over time a big list has grown now, but every so often I randomly choose one to go back to. You can always give me a reminder by submitting your website link on the submissions page maybe later in the year. (And mention I’ve included you before, that will help too). I don’t mind being reminded! 🙂

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