Unrequited Love

Rabbit of my dream, making off
With wisps of lace and unplanted

Seeds, making off with my
Mothers’ maiden names, taking

Clover tops and not eating them,
Seizing the eyes of the bystanders

And then vanishing into the
Top of a dandelion, into a hue

Of saffron, a sundial silently
Pushing me into frustrated madness,

I must confess, you tangled me
With your swiftness, a puppy I

Could not help but chase, an
Itch that swerves frightfully near

To pain; I innovate snares, shotguns,
Large pits for you to tumble into, but

You bound and never tire, never
Slip nor lose your flat feet, your

Heart for nature, the spirit of freedom
Chugging through you as an engine

Destined for new worlds, I fall
Behind you like a shadow, crazed.

First published on Poet’s Corner May 16, 2016

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