Attempted Alphabet (Minus X)

Bored but breathing, benign but brutal,
bravura, because bravado, because bravery banishes

cravenness, courageousness constitutes
character, conditions, cultivates class of

daredevils, divine dangers, driven daughters diffracting
days, dismembering the differentia,

exuberant, engrafting exaltations expertly
to forms, forging forth, forgoing

flattery, flippancy, fatuousness, fatherlands fallen,
fuck faute de mieux,

gallivanting, gawking, grabbing goblets and guiltlessly
guzzling, gheraoing the hatred, hysteria, humiliation, hounds,

hack the hyperinflation, hymn and hum, hang hungriness
and humbly hem and haw; here,

I, indecisive, irksome intelligentsia, inked in irony,
insane in Jungian juxtaposition, jilted

kid, kicking up kernels, knocking down kites,
killing kings, kingdoms, knights, liars, licked languages

lessening me, listen, I want
a lollapalooza, lions, lightshows, legal loitering,

make mountains, more mandalas, make mosaics, make
music, maroon moronic misanthropy, make

new nakedness, new names, new nature,
no nuptials just navel-gazing,

open, opine, orbit original occupancies,
occlude ornery oppositions, overpowering optimisms,

please, perhaps no more populism, postulations, proper
phonies proliferating, pampered ponies pilfering,

please, perhaps qualms and quandaries and quarrels
be reprieved, let’s rest, no more

rage, raiding and robbing and rain rest it all, let’s
remember, remark on rakishness, rally round remarkableness,

stymie stubborn stringency, sweep skyward
stupendous sensations, scintillating and scrumptious topics,

trumpet and tootle, tinker and think and twist, trace,
toe triumphantly the line, uniquely undulate uneasiness,

understand, vary and verbally wonder,
why the wave, why the wheel, why wrestle? Write

zee ztinking zelphabet zowever zou zaunt,
just slap down letters on that page.

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