The Thread

Thick, tough the thread,
tied about my finger, I tug,
know I am connected,
but, to what?

I wonder about my tether,
wrench against it, attempt
to snap it. I question
its nature & necessity.

Has it a purpose?
Does it mean to hold me,
burden me to a center
that I long to break free of.

Should I follow it back
to where this began?
Is there a mountain, or giant
that has fettered me.

If I embrace my fears, &
proceed to untie this string,
what could stop me?
Is this all an illusion,

I, a sucker? I think
to slip the loop, let fall
the strand, walk away &
beyond my appointed radius.

But, something causes
pause. What sits at the end
of this cord? … I give in.
I set off, to find out.

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