Call The Kids In

Killing, we’ve fell all the trees,
obnoxiously choked morality, heated mockery in a spoon
over a blowtorch, spilt our beads, danced to their clattering
across the planked floor, wallowed in ourselves,
licked our wounds far too violently, peeled
off layers of ourselves – we ricochet
between desperate caring and aggressive hate, bowed down
to empty pillars, hung our garlands and braids, ate
all the flowers, left seeds to bake in the sun, unsowed;
indifference is unbecoming of us, craven we lace
denial and abstraction through our veins, clog them
with sugar, salt, nicotine, protein powder and
sex filled images of just-legal girls and boys, throw our portraits
upon every face, with little handfuls of abbreviated words,
try to replace the groaning maw that is widening
at a quickening pace, an awesome
ego blooming, engorging all parts of us – except
patience, we all crave, compassion, wholly swallowed
by ambition, still, our mothers hold the doors open,
over and over again attempting to call us all in
as we angrily play, bullying the neighbor kids
with dangerous jokes and games
in the front yard.

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