I Run From You

Things crumble free
Fall into the thrashed sea
I snatch words out the air
Stack them like blocks
And I float on the sidewalk
Muscles turn upside down
Bend the walls like bowls
Faces melt like snow cones
Numbers fill the night
I feel people inside me
An elephant sits in my closet
Breaks bones over his knees
There is a ticking that I count
One two three four seventy
Chemicals grow as corals
Off my hips and ears
Years run forward
Ions whiz wild
I touch the particles
Blow them like dust
Celtic knots in every pattern
I see the arcing of the roads
I see the geoid in the sphere
And I run from hunters
Quell my thirsts
Tip my head into the girth
Thighs clutch in waves
I catch the stills
Out of time reeling by
And I run from comfort
Quash my hunger
Tip my feet up to the sky
And I ask why
Is the mountain shrinking
Before my very eyes
I see the winds eating
Fend off the darkness
Wilderness cradles me
Blood pumps at both ends
Things falling free
And I run from you.

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