I am a horse today. All fours, galloping.
Do you hear the thundering I make? How small
you are this morning. I tower over you.

Let’s embrace. I’ll lower my head, and you
can touch the thick nylon of my muscled neck.
Tell me, how beautiful my appaloosa marks.
This heart I’m carrying weighs 10 pounds.

Epona shines down on me, and idly I daydream
of my future yearlings, envision them dancing,
trotting in circles around an oval lake,
the water a mirror, I look;
I am so regal. I don’t believe I shall ever die.

Perhaps Poseidon bore me. I think I feel
the tiers of feathers beneath my shoulders,
just waiting to spring and lift me high.
I’m of the gods.

And a bird. I’m a bird too. Today I am also a bird.
I am so light. My bones unburdened of density.
Gravity is not my keeper today. Not today.

Let’s embrace. I’ll swoop to you, and you
will have to dodge my stony hooves,
duck from my aquiline beak,
look upon my hot, black eyes,
I’m yearning for you with human hands,

so come, and kiss your chimera.
My mane’s a crown, my wings my robe;
it’s rapture, in my brief, but awesome kingdom,
where I’m a fearsome king.

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