There is no place I can go

There is no place I can go
Without your ghostly approach
That long vine overgrown
Waking me before the light has broke
And I am broke
Broke by the thought of your mouth
And hands up down
And throat
May I kindly ask
You kill me soon
So I might remember
What sleep is
What comfort is
What contentment is
I am broke
Broke by your words
Or lack of them
In wrung rags of thoughts
Bright bales of hay bent by mirrors
In the head
Phantasmagoric levels of sickness
I step the stairwells
This is hard
Damn you
Harder than the time
I ate curry
Spiced too hot
And harder than my best friend’s
Near death in winter
But a cancerous tumor can be cut out

You are inside me
But you are not
There is no body mass
To yank
Bite my fingernails
As you linger
At my shoulder
We ride the bus and I try
Not to leap on you

Fake days
I don’t see you, with nights
Boiling over
Scalding my bare feet gripping
All quiet movements are tigers
And the balcony
A suicidal ideation
My god
Release me
And leave
Oh god you hurter.

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