Sing To Me A Song Worth Hearing?

Sing to me a song worth hearing?

I contain more scoff than you might believe
Tell me distant lover why are you so interfering?
If I don’t laugh then you might as well leave

A rose is nice but I want a thought
Give me something worth while to sustain me

A touch on the knee will not appeal
A real smile from you would be something I would like
Show me that you are genuine
Or go totter off to a different pair of long legs
For you are clearly not my type

Are you just clever with words or of clever mind?
Trust me, as perceptive as you might be
I am harder to fool than most you see
Although I may let you play the fool in your tasteless way
Simply because I enjoy the thought that today
I am leaving without you

Tell me again about your sex habits
Not like you couldn’t, not like I care
You are boring me
Your lips are simply sending me stale air
God how I hate that

Oh distant lover you are becoming more distant
As we move in closer
I am watching that gentleman in the far corner

Can’t you say an honest word?
Reveal something to me that is not in your usual list of lines and topics?
Stop it
You are tall, dark, and handsome I admit
But you are not real to me
So I will surely be unworldly to you

Distant man
I call you this because you are no longer distant lover
You should have sang a song worth hearing
Now I must move on to another

Yet even though you are going home alone tonight
I will be alone far longer than you

No man has sang me a song worth hearing.

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